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An Ecosensual Journey on Amorgos, Greece

Next Dates: 11.-19.05.2024


We invite you to come astray

with us

-stepping beyond the linear into fluid caring bodies

-we will create & we will play.


This is a loveletter to Amorgos.

Together we'll be sensing the membranes of the island and ourselves
- expanding and regulating the connections with nature around us and inside of us.

What to expect?

This journey will be a nurturing exploration with concepts of connection, care, subtle intimacy & sensuality through hiking trips, somatic practices, bodywork, play & intimacy, storytelling and systemic constellation work.

Floating Shift explores different processes of perceiving inner landscapes and outer landscapes,

offering different toolsets to navigate among them and using creative play to shift from one form & perspective into another.

This years "theme" will anchor on SOFT SHELLS - processes of decision making and boundaries, that allow our inside core to expand in juicy self-love & acts of wild tenderness.

How  do we take care of our inner forces - or in other words: how do we squirt identities and shower our wet cores?

Sometimes being in the flow can also be described by the pulsation of a jelly fish, that might rebel against social torments with burning stings or glue their enemies to the ground, sealing a bond to their ideas.

Which tender ways do we know to reflect on our own stings?

How can we explore and be aware of our defense mechanisms in fun, playful environment?

Our main guide and center of every experience is played by the island itself: The program is created on a modular-system of topic blocks, but the structure will be directed by the island's mood- on the wind, temperature, local and our needs.

Somatic Experiences and Hands-On teachings on specific body-systems and their dialogue within each other will shelter the daily journeys across the island (adventures of naked hikes, herbal collections, cave-explorations & treasure hunts).

The Program:
(created on a modular-system of topic blocks,

the structure will be directed by the island mood: on the wind, the temperature & our needs)

including Meridian work, Yoga (Nidra)


Hikes / The JOURNEY
exploring the extraordinary Natural creature of the island

with Somatics, Constellation, Games & Rituals

Bodywork & Intimacy

Storytelling, Singing Watching Stars, Games & Rituals

Exploring Local Cuisine at sunsets,

Served Breakfasts and Dinner

Performative Feasts & Meal Celebrations


SOMATIC WORK includes practises which sharpen the focus on body-regulations entering a

space of slow movement and witnessing. Techniques are inspired by Continuum Movement, Authentic Movement, Body-Mind-Centering, Middendorf Breathing and Somatic Yoga. Somatic Practices will mostly be used to connect on deeper levels with the nature around and in us as a gateway to EcoSensuality.

Our BODYWORK teachings offer you introductions into different Hands-On techniques, but focus on an understanding of our different body systems, their relations to another and which specific qualities of touch resonate. Over the days we create a toolset to shape our dialogue of touch, intimacy and contact with the body.

SYSTEMIC CONSTELLATION will be used as complex tool to create transparency of emotional patterns and connective concepts. Taking the possibility of having certain aspects of our identities or questions represented in someone or something else may invite unconscious experiences to appear on a tangible surface. During our time we will use constellations mostly in a playful setting unlike typical family constellation work.

PLAY will be used as toolset of games, open scores and storytelling to change patterns with a smile, to evoke curious interactions, connecting with our inner child, as well as opening another platform for intimacy and authenticity.

HIKING captures most of the discovery time in a few day-long trips, night walks, mostly dressed up but occasionally naked, with ritual interventions, games, meditations and visits to luscious tavernas.

Who is it for?

An intimate group of not more than 12 curious protagonists.
The participation has no restriction concerning gender, age and sexual orientation.
We ask you however to arrive with open hearts to dive and space into unkown spheres.

This journey is a particaptory and collective creation and not a retreat in services of comfort, but an embodied,  curated journey to the service of tangible and intimate care within ourselves, our body systems and our ecosystems.

Welcome a floating shift towards inner islands of wild tenderness,

co-inhabited by soft shells and transforming jelly fishes.

This exploration is clearly not for anyone afraid of heights - literally - and metaphorically- only in case you want to face your fears.
We expect you to act out of a place of self- & collective care and self-responsibility as well as honouring your boundaries and those of others. We also assume that you share our interest for care, respect, communication and consensual behaviour within the group.


On the rocky island of Amorgos in the Aegean sea,
blessed with bright light and clear blue waters,
abysses and heights.
Amorgos is an island of incredible touching nature, historical magic geometry shown in ruins. Mythology has it the island used to be a place to seek answers at the - now hidden and lost - water oracle.

We'll be staying in a secluded ecological and at the same time very magical fancy villa in the outskirts of the artisan village Chora, nearby a graveyard, the main monastery, caves and wild sage. The house is facing an energetic rock in the midst of wild waves and a cliff that welcomes skinny dippers. As far as you can see, the sea and deserted treasures.


Upcoming Dates are 11.05.-19.05.2024


>long practice of staying alive and mobile
>talented in getting lost in order to find new paths and perspectives >passionate about the tiny milliseconds of dissolving where systems can shift

>specialized in technics with uncertain outcomes
>facilitator of constellation work
>in a super long term relationship with the island and its paths
>listening to the own and others bodies

Sarah / SAKO
Sarah Koenig is an acupuncturist, holistic somatic practitioner and massage therapist at IKSK, the Berlin institute for sexual culture and body research. As facilitator, Sako creates workshops, performances and events within the spectrum of Movement&Play. Their focus lies on the usage of somatic tools to shape communication and connection. They are an ex pirate tantric and the founder of Project Playground, a collective dedicated to the art of play.
Insta: sako.sense



7 Days & 8 Nights (including all activities and hikes, personal process support, meals: breakfast and 5 dinner, accommodation)


EarlyBird till 31.01.2024:  600 EU

After the 31.01.2024:
Low Income: 560 EU
Normal Price: 640 EU
Supporter: 730 EU

Volunteering–(half price / paying meals and accommodation)


First Come - First Serve
Double Beds, Small Dorm, Lodge, Outdoor Canopy
(contact for certain wishes, needs and also if you want to come and stay outdoors – outdoor bedding, tent, self-organized accommodation in the village – for Retreat Discount)

For those who are on-site and interested, it is also possible to take part in individual hikes.

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& Booking


Oma Om,

Richardstraße 43

12055 Berlin

Mail to:



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