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S.a.k.o sense


SAKO is the acronym for my work foundation:
S connects Somatics with Sensuality,

A is the body stimulation through Acupuncture and
Chinese Medicine,
K is the creation and movement in bodies/Koerper,
O guides Orientation and spatial awareness in our life.

I offer holistic medical treatment,

sessions in movement and massage therapy.

My other fields of interest are the work with group dynamics and conscious living, expressed in workshops, events, art formats
and tours in public spaces.


somatics III.jpg


Somatics is a process of reconnecting to your inner and outer home: your body. Working on movement patterns and your structure with exercises, hands-on and tools to reflect upon your experiences and to incorporate them into daily life.

Acupressure & TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine offers an holistic view on the body, spirit and mind.
If yin and yang are not balanced qi stagnation occurs, which may lead to pain, emotional stress or chronic illnesses.

Working along the meridians with Acupuncture and -pressure, Gua Sha and Cupping can reactivate your self-regulation, effecting your fascia, blood flow and nervous system.


First Session 120-180min - 80 EUR

all follow-ups  60-90min - 80 EUR

Private and additional Inscurances cover some treatments.

5 session-plan - 360 EUR

10 session-plan - 700 EUR

I do offer Soli-Spots please ask me to register and receive financially-fully-covered health-sessions.



Coaching & Workshops

Guidance based on TCM nutrition

& somatic movement

Somatic Workshops:

Somatic Grounding,

Resistance & Release,

Laying Down

Other Formats:

Pop-Up Praxis and performative Bodywork at Events

Creative Playfight

Somatic City Walks (performative city tours in  Berlin *postponed*)

Collaborations with Project Playground

Floating Shift: An Ecosensual Journey


Massage Practice


I offer various qualities of touch and massage experiences.

Meridian Massage |  Wellness Massage | Somatic Touch

In my sessions you can choose wether you want certain styles to fusionate according to your needs or focus on one specific treatment.


60min - 60 EUR

90min - 80 EUR

180min - 160 EUR

Private and additional Inscurances cover some treatments.

Social pricing, group offers, 5/10 session plan on request

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About Sako:

sarah Koenig

Sarah Koenig is an acupuncturist, holistic somatic practitioner and massage therapist.

Their workplaces include IKSK (the Berlin institute for sexual culture and body research) at Holzmarkt and OMA OM (ceramics, movement and praxis space) at Rixdorf, Berlin.

As facilitator and artist, Sako creates workshops, performances and events within the spectrum of Care and Intimacy through Movement&Play, Interventions related to Health Practices, embodied discussions and networking formats. Their focus lies on the usage of somatic tools to shape communication and authentic relating.

They are an ex pirate tantric and the founder of Project Playground, a collective dedicated to the art of play.                                                 


certified education:

2016-2024 Somatic Academy  

2021  Heilpraktikerin (Health Practioner)               

2017-2020 HPS Bethanien (alternative medicine studies | TCM & Bodywork)   


Experiences and trainings within


TCM: Acupuncture, Cupping, GuaSha, Moxa, Tongue & Pulse diagnosis

Massage: Shiatsu, Swedish/Classic, Massage, Tuina, Yin-Yang, Fascial Release

Bodywork: Somatic Yoga, Authenic Movement, Feldenkrais, Continuum Movement, Somatic Touch, Body-Mind-Centering, Middendorf Breath-Work, Cranio Sakrale

About SAKO

& Booking


Oma Om,

Richardstraße 43

12055 Berlin

Mail to:



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Thank you for your message!
I will respond shortly.


OMA OM (Ceramics,

Movement and Praxis-space)

Richardstrasse 43

12055 Berlin

Please use seperate praxis-entrance

Ring OMA OM Krautraum/Praxis

Fridays & upon request:


(Institute for Sexual Culture

und Bodyresearch)

Holzmarktstrasse 25

10243 Berlin

House 2 / 4th Floor Ring IKSK


Sarah is an amazing and talented intuitive healer. She has a vast knowledge of techniques. She listens to her clients’ body, energy and spirit then transforms their state of being into a blissful harmony. I would highly recommend Sarah as healing therapist whether you have physical bodily pain or emotion baggage that need to be worked out, you can trust with her as your facilitator, you are in good hands!

I met Sarah at a hostel where she was teaching a Movement Class, which incorporated classical breathing techniques, somatic sound therapy and 5 element meridian work. I was so drawn to her unique ability to integrate multiple modalities in to a comprehensive mind-body practice, that I set up a bodywork session to relieve the shoulder tensions I had, inflamed by my travels. Sarah used cupping, Gua-sha, Meridian massage, and somatic methods. The results were amazing, years of chronic shoulder pain from rotator cuff injury were gone. When I left she put micro-acupuncture needles on tsubo points to keep on for a few days, while the Chi energetically rebalance. It has been 2 months now since our session and my shoulder has been pain-free and in its full mobility despite lugging a large backpack all over Europe.

K. Bailey

Indie B. 

K. Bailey

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